6 Skills You Can Actually Learn From YouTube

Sorry, you can’t be a certified medical practitioner. But YouTube can still teach you these legit skills.

Forget dentistry, these skills don’t need years of study and a certification from an academic institution for you to make money out of. Of course, you still need lots of practice, and books will certainly help. But YouTube can still get you started on these.

1. App development

Definitely a useful skill in the smartphone era.

2. Costume building

This requires some tools. But if you’re able to master this, you can carve a niche by creating costumes for movie productions, events, cosplaying.

3. Home repairs

Great to be handy around the house. Once you reach a certain level, you can offer repair services.

4. Self defense

Always useful if you are conscious of attackers. You can teach others if you become good enough.

5. Musical instruments

Having a teacher is ideal for this one. But if you’re really diligent and perceptive, you can get good all by yourself.

6. Cooking

Need we explain this one?

These vids are just examples, there are plenty more ready to be discovered if you’re inclined. Happy learning!

What have you learned from YouTube recently?

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