8 Father’s Day Gifts For the Practical Malaysian Dad

Malaysian dads usually wont splurge on novelty items. That’s why you should get him something he might actually use.

1. The “toughest charging cable on earth”

Yes, you can get a cable for RM10 at pasar malam. But is it really worth the low price? Cheap cables can easily damage itself and even your phone.

So get a cable that calls itself virtually indestructible, with its industrial-grade steel.

Currently priced at RM193.03

2. Toe socks for comfortable runs

Less sweat, fewer blisters, more flexibility, great value.

Currently priced at RM39.99

3. A handheld scale for luggages

Dad always travelling? Use this to prevent surprise overweight baggage.

Currently priced at RM28.00

4. A belt that can perfectly adjust to any size

So he can lose (or gain) weight without worry.

Currently priced at RM89.00

5. A portable battery that can jump-start a car

Strong enough to also charge phones and laptops.

Currently priced at RM225.00

6. A tracker that helps you find your keys or wallet

Those pesky keys wont stay hidden for long.

Currently priced at RM17.63

7. A back massage cushion

Plop it on a chair at home or in a car. His back will thank you.

Currently priced at RM117.00

8. An ultrasonic animal repellant

If your dad isn’t an animal lover, use this to keep unwanted animals away from your home.

Currently priced at RM37.60

What other practical gifts would you recommend?

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