Let’s Remember How Chester Bennington was Awesome to Malaysia

Linkin Park fans all over the world mourns for the sudden and tragic passing of rock god Chester Bennington. Right now, let’s commemorate his relationship with Malaysians.

1. That time in 2007 when he showed his love for Malaysian fans

Malaysians are great Linkin Park fans, and he recognized it.

In fact, the brand personally chose KL as the only stop in South-East Asia, as a way to thank the fans.

They promised to come back to our shores. And they did in 2013.

2. That time when he wished Muslim friends a Happy Fasting

In 2013, he uttered the words “Selamat Puasa” with his divine voice.

3. That time he said “Sama Sama”

Photo via The Star

When he meant “thank you”, but we still love him.

It is we who should thank you, Chester, for all the music you’ve brought us.

Featured photo via Happy Surfer

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