5 Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under RM100 2018

With a large variety of mice in the market, you don’t have to splurge if you want to start gaming seriously.

A good mouse depends on its accuracy, design, weight, and programmability. However, with just a RM100 pricetag, you can’t have all of it.

So we picked out the best mice that excels in one or two of those factors.

Logitech G300s

Choose this for: Number of programmable buttons, light weight

Max DPI: 2500
Programmable Buttons: 9
Weight: 80g

Redragon M601

Choose this for: Durability, adjustable weight

Max DPI: 3200
Programmable Buttons: 5
Weight: 140g

Corsair Harpoon

Choose this for: High DPI

Max DPI: 6000
Programmable Buttons: 6
Weight: 90g

E-3lue EMS600 Mazer II

Choose this for: Ergonomic design, LED lights

Max DPI: 2500
Programmable Buttons: 0
Weight: 135g

Havit HV-MS672

Choose this for: DPI indicator lights, friction design

Max DPI: 2400
Programmable Buttons: 0
Weight: 140g

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