6 Frustrating Situations East Malaysians Living in Kuala Lumpur Face

If you are from Sabah or Sarawak, chances are you faced one of these situations in the Peninsular when you totally shouldn’t.

1. When they welcome you to Malaysia

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

“Oh, you’re from (East Malaysian Town)? Welcome to Malaysia!”

Can’t blame them for saying welcome. Too bad the rest of the sentence is wrong.

2. When they assume your race (and get it wrong)


They assume you’re Malay, and therefore Muslim. And suddenly you get judged for your choice of meat.

Or they assume you’re Chinese, and start speaking to you and Mandarin/Cantonese when you don’t speak those languages at all.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

3. When you still find that “Dan Lain-Lain” checkbox

confused baby
It’s one thing to put groups of people into boxes. What if I’m mixed?

4. When they assume all Sabahans climbed Mount Kinabalu

sarcastic laugh
Why, is it a rite of passage? Or is it the only pastime available in the whole state?

5. They assume you like to drink. A lot.

Arsenio Hall spitting
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Is it just too weird to picture an East Malaysian consuming small amounts of alcohol?

6. They assume you lived on treetops.


Just what you need. More backward assumptions.

East Malaysians, what other funny interactions you faced at the West side?

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