The Best Gaming Rig You Can Build for RM1000 in 2017

Updated 13 November 2017.

Video games are getting really good these days. And we understand you don’t wanna miss out.

But the usual gaming rigs you find at shops cost a bomb, or two. Is it possible to build your own rig with just RM1000? We wrote this guide to help you try.

First, a disclaimer: what we mean is the best possible rig you can build. A RM1000 machine cannot compare to RM3000 one at all. So this guide is meant to get you as much computing power as possible within that budget.

The Build

ASUS A78M-E RM219 (Buy at Thundermatch)
A8 5600K HD7560D RM359 (Buy at Thundermatch)
Western Digital 3.5″ 160GB Caviar Blue RM89 (Buy at Lazada)
Kingmax 4GB RAM DDR3 RM155 (Buy at Lazada)
CoolerMaster Elite 350W PSU RM120 (Buy at Lazada)
Logitech MK100 Wired USB Keyboard + USB Mouse RM55.00 (Buy at Lazada)

Total: RM997.00

Weee! With RM3.00 to spare.

Wait, where’s the rest?

In order to fit the low low budget, we had to scrap the graphics card. Instead, we recommend trying AMD APUs. Basically they are processors designed to also handle graphics processing. This comparison will explain further.

Yes, integrated graphics are not as powerful as dedicated graphics, but it’s the best compromise we have at the moment.

For the same price reasons, we simply can’t fit a monitor. Sorry! The budget is super low, after all. You can try shopping for a refurbished one at

As for a casing, it’s okay to find a good second-hand one as they are less susceptible to wear and tear.

How about the Operating System? You can get an original Windows 10 key for cheap these days. You don’t have to be a pirate anymore.

So how powerful is it?

You can play new-ish games (not the latest and greatest), but on low resolution and low settings.

See this rig tested on Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2, Call of Duty 4, Sleeping Dogs.

How to assemble?

Watch this video by Tech YES City.

Just ignore the graphics card and DVD drive part.


Will this guide still be applicable after 2017? AMD is actually coming up with a new generation of APUs, but we don’t think it will be as cheap.

As long as you can find these components at roughly the price we listed here, you can still fit your budget and build yourself a serviceable low-end gaming rig.

Happy gaming!

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