This One Upgrade Can Make Old Laptops Last Longer

Laptop getting too slow? Looking to buy a new one?

Don’t go shopping for one just yet. Save your money by extending the life of your old one a little longer. That is, if the only problem you face is slow speeds.

There are a few possible reasons for your slow laptop.

If you have too many programs running at the same time, just delete unnecessary programs from your Startup and processes. Or you might be hit by a virus or malware, in which case you’ll need to install anti-malware programs or reformat your laptop.


But the most common cause of slow computers is your actually hard drive.

Huh? Isn’t it the RAM? Yes, your RAM is a factor, too. But your hard drive speed determines how fast it can move information to your RAM.

So what we recommend is to buy a Solid State Drive (SSD) to replace your hard drive.

Samsung 850 EVO SSD

What’s the difference? While typical hard drives rely on mechanical parts that are subject to wear and tear over time, SSDs store your data on flash storage. The same storage tech you can find in your phones.

This means everything you do on your computer will get faster. Booting up, loading files, everything.

How fast could it get? This chart, courtesy of HDD mag, illustrates.


You can even make this replacement on a 2009 laptop running Windows 7 and you can clearly see the speed difference.

And because SSD drives have no moving parts, it can theoretically last much longer. If you buy one today, you can still use it when you buy a new laptop later. That’s bang for buck!

How to Make the Replacement

Step 1

Buy an SSD. We recommend these models.

WD Green PC 120GB 2.5″ SSD
Samsung 250GB SSD 850 EVO
Transcend 240GB SSD 220S 2.5″ SSD

Step 2

Backup all your files elsewhere. Either on cloud services or an external hard drive.

Step 3

Open up your laptop and replace the hard drive with your SSD.

Check the instructions from your manufacturer.

Step 4

Install Windows. You can get an original Windows 10 key pretty cheaply these days.

Step 5

Enjoy your upgraded laptop!

Notes: We don’t recommend tampering with your laptop if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not confident about opening up your laptop or installing Windows, ask a techie friend to help. KiniDia takes a small cut from purchases made from the links in this article, at no additional expense for you.

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